Frequently Asked Questions

How long has IMI been doing business in Asia?
IMI has been supporting the offshore manufacturing needs of American companies since 1991.

Is IMI considered a “broker” or an “agent”?
Neither. IMI is a direct manufacturer who owns all or part of over 250 plants in China. IMI handles all logistics including all customs issues, duties, freight and insurance. IMI will deliver parts or finished goods directly to your door.

What is MOFTEC and what is IMI’s relationship with that Chinese ministry?
MOFTEC is China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The US equivalent is the US Chamber of Commerce. MOFTEC is chartered to bring global business to China. IMI is MOFTEC’s United States representative. IMI has enjoyed a joint venture relationship with MOFTEC since 1991. As such, IMI has assisted US companies in forming joint ventures in Asia with the help of MOFTEC since 1991.

Does IMI have additional sourcing capabilities outside of their network of factories and plants?
Yes. Two of the IMI hubs have full sourcing capabilities. If the IMI network cannot manufacture it, the sourcing hubs will find a factory that does.

Does IMI have engineering and design capabilities?
Yes. IMI has engineers skilled in various disciplines that reside both in China and the USA.

Does IMI offer credit terms to its customers?
Yes. IMI customers with good credit will be offered terms.